Succession Finale: What Does This Blood Sacrifice Mean For Season Three?

The following contains spoilers for the Succession season two finale. During Succession’s season two finale last night, Logan Roy decided who to sacrifice to the cruise coverup scandal at Waystar Royco. At one point, there is a very awkward meal during which Logan asks everyone points fingers at who they think should be sacrificed. TrueContinue reading “Succession Finale: What Does This Blood Sacrifice Mean For Season Three?”

British Shows to Watch on Netflix

Written for Mosaic by Kitty Williams | Co-Editor-in-Chief  Netflix can be overwhelming with its ever-changing and sometimes bizarre categories with shifting titles every month. You know how it goes: you don’t have the energy to go digging through all of the options so you just go straight to your old reliable (probably The Office). In an effortContinue reading “British Shows to Watch on Netflix”