Lady Bird: A Love Story

Greta Gerwig’s 2017 solo directorial debut Lady Bird is a love story. True love for best friends. Turbulent love for mothers. Innocent love for the boy who turns out to be gay. False love for the boy who “hasn’t lied in two years.” What strikes me more and more each time I watch it, though, is theContinue reading “Lady Bird: A Love Story”

TRW NYC Profile: Denka Obradovic

DENKA OBRADOVIC // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “Sometimes we think ‘oh, this is just my life.’ Yeah, and your life is vastly different from mine,” says Obradovic. “It makes for a good read.” At the end of Grand Avenue in Williamsburg, there sits a small park that doesn’t greetContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Denka Obradovic”