TRW NYC Profile: Denka Obradovic

DENKA OBRADOVIC // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “Sometimes we think ‘oh, this is just my life.’ Yeah, and your life is vastly different from mine,” says Obradovic. “It makes for a good read.” At the end of Grand Avenue in Williamsburg, there sits a small park that doesn’t greetContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Denka Obradovic”

TRW NYC Profile: Payal Kadakia

PAYAL KADAKIA // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “I really wanted to share the roots of Indian culture,” she says, “and I wanted to do it through dance.” “The energy of New York will always be a feeling of lightning,” says Payal Kadakia. Various areas of New York City serveContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Payal Kadakia”

TRW NYC Profile: Hilary Rushford

HILARY RUSHFORD // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “New York has a bustling creative energy. It brings people that have big dreams and deep passion,” she says. “You move here because you want something extraordinary.” “I am a teacher and a ‘psychologist,’ though I have degrees in neither [field],” saysContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Hilary Rushford”

TRW NYC Profile: Lauren Legato

LAUREN LEGATO // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “Something inside of me was turning at the same time,” she says, reflecting on this powerful moment in her life. “I remember all of my confusion and depression turning into hope.” As the sun sets outside of a Williamsburg bakery, Lauren LegatoContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Lauren Legato”

TRW NYC Profile: Chinae Alexander

CHINAE ALEXANDER // NYC PROFILE Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “I am one of those people now,” she says. “I have become the person that I wanted.” The sidewalks of Williamsburg are busy with people, some walking in groups, some walking alone looking at their phones. Sitting at an outdoor table at a smallContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Chinae Alexander”

TRW NYC Profile: Molly Hartman

Molly Hartman // Rye Workshop // NYC Profile Written by Kitty Williams for The Refined Woman “I needed to be brave and honest in ways that I didn’t necessarily want to be yet,” she says with a laugh, now that she has come through the other side. Four stories above the Industry City streets ofContinue reading “TRW NYC Profile: Molly Hartman”

Mosaic Final Features: Lily M. Jones, A Taurus Story

Written for Mosaic by Kitty Williams & Michelle Karparis | Associate Editors Remaining in the library after hosting a Mosaic Student Newspaper event, Lily Margaret Jones sits down for an interview and quickly offers up what she believes is important information: “I’m a Taurus.” Jones identifies with typical Taurus traits of being decisive, emotional, materialistic, and loyal. ThoughContinue reading “Mosaic Final Features: Lily M. Jones, A Taurus Story”

Dave Fairchild Profile: Taking Control

Written for Mosaic by Claire Latsko and Kitty Williams | Co-Editors-in-Chief After climbing what seemed like an endless number of stairs up a twisting and narrow turret of an old white colonial house in Newport, we are finally greeted by Dave Fairchild at the door to his apartment. He welcomes us in with smiles, and excitedlyContinue reading “Dave Fairchild Profile: Taking Control”