Succession Finale: What Does This Blood Sacrifice Mean For Season Three?

The following contains spoilers for the Succession season two finale.

During Succession’s season two finale last night, Logan Roy decided who to sacrifice to the cruise coverup scandal at Waystar Royco. At one point, there is a very awkward meal during which Logan asks everyone points fingers at who they think should be sacrificed. True allegiances are revealed. Roman, who has seemingly matured many years since he returned from his business deal turned hostage situation, proves his loyalty to the (secret) love of his life, Gerri. Shiv, however, proves she is willing to throw her own husband under the bus. (Poor Wamsgans.)

Logan ultimately sacrifices Kendall, claiming that he loves him so much that this is the only blood sacrifice that would hold any weight. He trusts him to handle the situation well, given how well he handled Congress. He also tells Kendall that he never had a chance of becoming the CEO because he wasn’t enough of a killer. Yikes. Logan announces this decision over another meal with everyone — Roman comes to Kendall’s defense and is given the title of COO from his father.

Good old Cousin Greg chaperones Kendall’s trip back to New York to have a press conference. Somewhere along the way, Kendall decided to use the papers Cousin Greg saved that prove the coverup to throw his father under the bus. He emerges as a killer, but reveals his target to be his father. Logan, with a subtle twitch of a smile, is a bit proud of him and not entirely scared of the challenge this presents.

If you kick the king, you have to kill him…

First of all, how is Logan going to handle this? He’s proud of his son, but he still has to deal with the trouble this creates for him specifically. He has dirt on Kendall, but will he use it? Kendall was in the passenger seat of a car where the driver was under the influence of drugs (as was Kendall) and crashed into a small body of water. The driver died. Kendall emerged physically unscathed and emotionally forever changed. Kendall has kicked the king, but is he prepared to kill him? Or is he going to face the consequences of his involvement in the fatal accident?

Where will the Roy sibling allegiances lie in season three?

Early in the episode, we get to enjoy a solid 30 seconds of Roman encouraging a healthy relationship among his siblings. We catch a glimpse of what emotional maturity could look like among the siblings, but Shiv and Kendall shut down his comments with infantile babble. They’ve never been good at playing nice, but how will Kendall’s stepping out against his father affect their relationships with one another moving forward?

Roman’s maturity has sky-rocketed this episode. So much so that one almost forgets how absolutely terrifying it was to see him attempting to be intimate with Tabitha, his former girlfriend (who was also the participating party in Tom’s closed-circuit system cheating). He seems to be learning how to appropriately handle the feelings he has for Gerri (coming to her defense, sitting beside her and having a normal conversation that doesn’t make me cringe). He also has matured in the way he handles business. Logan trusts him with important deals and he is proving that he can be trusted.

Historically, he has flaked on Kendall. When Kendall was organizing the vote of no confidence in season one, Roman backed him. However, when it came down to it, Roman didn’t have the gall to vote for his father’s removal. But perhaps Roman is tired of being slapped around, both figuratively and literally, in the pursuit of being taken seriously by his father.

Roman surely wants to screw over his father now more than he wants to be the future CEO of Waystar Royco. He never really idolized the position, he seemed to want it simply because of his own insecurities. I feel a Roman/Kendall team up coming (with Cousin Greg too, of course).

Shiv, on the other hand, has always been willing to go against her father. She spent time working with Gil Eavis, a politician who is very much against Logan and everything he stands for. She also momentarily considered taking over Pierce, a company her father was in the middle of trying to acquire. Shiv and her power suits really want to be the CEO of the company, so much so that she essentially put her marriage on the line by suggesting that Tom be the blood sacrifice.

By siding with Kendall, she could take down her father. However, if she stayed with her father, she could probably manage to escape this situation somewhat intact and lock down the CEO position. And she seems to want that more than she wants to take down her father.

Connor will float around and do whatever seems like it will give him the most money. He’s not content to be the world’s poorest rich person.

One thing is for sure: Logan has made his blood sacrifice, but he will be the one bleeding out in season three.

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